TheDoge PoundTron

Hey Doges! GoodBoysClub team is excited to present Doge Pound Tron — the first metaverse NFT project on TRON network. This is a collection of 10000 unique doges with some secrets. Our illustrators have been toiling day and night, soaking all their paws in paint. And there`s no one stopping us!

TheDogePoundTron Invaders






Legendary OG collection from ethereum network, that is trading at a floor price of $10,000 with a total market cap of $100,000,000. Now on TRON

Tron Doges

Tron Doges

We dressed up more than 30 special doges for you, styled as our favorite chain. We were afraid they wouldn't like their new clothes, but they seem to be excited!

The Secret Doges

The Secret Doges

And these guys are too unique and rare to obey any rules, even our labels don’t stick to them. You will definitely love all of them!


Launch and combine new NFT collections into a unified universe. Our community members will have exclusive privileges and capabilities across all of our projects. Doge Pound will be part of a global ecosystem. Metaverse will include not only standard NFT tools, but also DEFI tools, mobile applications, gamification and various mechanics focused on building community with the possibility to determine project development.

Many new interaction systems between universes will boost interest in previous collections, increasing their value.



We have prepared an epic roadmap for you, in which we will tell you about our plans


This mechanic gives holders the option to get TRC20 tokens in return by freezing their Doges in a smart contract. This prevents holders from selling their NFTs on the market, creating a shortage of Doges, thereby having a positive effect on the future value of the tokens. Staking includes 2 tiers: at tier 1, holders will get an exclusive metaverse token for freezing their NFTs, at tier 2, metaverse token holders will get TRX and a shop token used in game mechanics.
Launching an internal marketplace with bid support and a fixed floor price. Apart from internal, the collection will also collaborate with all hot marketplaces.
Doge Pound is in talks not only with a lot of popular NFT projects, but also with the management of blockchain networks.
The NFT ranking will be calculated based on the rarity of NFT traits. The system will further adjust to the value of NFTs in the secondary market.
This will raise the demand for Doge not only as an investment tool, but will also let users participate in different events of the project, thus increasing the value of Doge on the secondary market. NFT owners will be able to breed Doge for new NFTs.
Doge owners will get exclusive tokens from the new collections as the project's metaverse evolves.
The team has developed a marketing strategy to boost product awareness.


Launch and combine new NFT collections into a unified universe. Our community members will have exclusive privileges and capabilities across all of our projects. Doge Pound will be part of a global ecosystem.
You can manage your metaverse actives using your smartphone, making it easier to interact with our projects.
It's not an ordinary inner project token, but a global project which will be the base of our metaverse. It's going to be available on the largest trading platforms with support of many DEFI instruments. The trading team will boost the value of the token and the promotion will make it highly recognisable.
With our Uswap friends, the inner marketplace will become a base for a special project, where you can buy and sell not only our NFT, but also tokens from other collections.
Each member of the metaverse community will have a privilege based on their position in ranking table. You will receive governance tokens to determine project development, as well as exclusive merch and other stuff.


This is a collection of 10000 unique arts, including 30+ tron doges and some secret doges.
The development team has been friends for many years, all this time we have been developing software and contracts for various blockchains. We all care about the fate of NFT, to be honest we are a little excited about the concept and there are a huge number of ideas that we can implement. Then one of us found the original doges and here we go.
Here is our contract address: TUwSuLKv2p4Hi1Q4MpdpLMapUXBVu3Z7YM
We support the following wallets: for PC - TronLink, for mobile devices - use TronLink app or Klever app
At the initial stage, the dogs are mined, and then you will be able to trade Doges at the marketplace
The Secret Doges are rare NFTs, which were handmade by our artists while maintaining the style of the original pack. They are all recognizable and cute.


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